Stick the Navigation Menu in ANY WordPress Theme to the TOP of  Browser.


This simple plugin lets you stick the navigation menu in any theme to the top of browser window and make navigation easy for your blog readers. Usage instructions are included in the theme options page.

Download Stick it !!

20 thoughts on “Stick it !

  1. Vivek Nath.R says:

    I’m getting this error while activating this plugin

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ECHO in /home/digitvsg/public_html/demo/wp-content/plugins/SatishGandham-stick-it-154dda0f8985/stick-it.php on line 48

  2. Yout plugin is incompatible with IF MENU plugin.

    If you activate STICK IT, IF MENU can’t work in same environment.

  3. Can I make a different css for menu and sicky menu?

  4. Hi Satish, just wanna say a big thank you for creating plugin. I like when people have initiative because I don’t have the skills in on the computer to create this kind of stuff :) Thank you again

  5. Hello sor, i’m a fan of your theme and using it. Since there is a problem, gravatars are not sowing up in the comments

  6. menu is working but its change the looks of theme . header pic come below the menu.

  7. Dear satish,

    Your plug-in is nice and I like it, but that seems it does not work properly at all. I did test with a temporary site at, menu is sticked, but when I add selector {width: 690px ;margin:auto} to user CSS, it does not affect.

  8. Works on any WordPress blogs?

  9. What is the sintaxi i try it “” nothing, “.menu-container” nothing happens, what´s the sintaxys assuming that the CLASS is “menu-container” and the ID is “top”?

    Thanks in advanced.

  10. Now I have updated my wordpress to 3.7.1 and also updated swift basic theme to 2.6. Here are the issues:

    - sticky bars doesn’t work anymore. I even tried to re-install the previous version 2 I am using and still the sticky bars do not work at all.

    - now that it has an option to switch off mobile layouts, I did so but in the Iphone 4s , the sidebars does not show automatically (you have to click show). please see attached to know what I meant. Also, the menus below logo are not appearing except for search.



  11. I’ve been looking everywhere for a menu like this.

  12. Hi satish,
    I am using sticky it plugin in site, installation is completed but its not working properly.
    in Mozilla & IE menu bar css is not working.
    in Chrome menu bar is not displaying at the top i.e when menu bar is stick with browser top menu bar is not displaying.
    Please provide the solution for this prblem.

    Thank you,

  13. I’ve been looking everywhere for a menu like this.

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